In this hiatus time, we’ve released an experimental re-encode in h264 10-bit format. The original video and subtitle comes from Horriblesubs (thanks, guys!).

Aside from several video artifacts, this encode really trimmed down the file from 285 MB in the original source to 157 MB in the final result. Realizing this potential, we’ll release exclusively in Hi10P (10-bit) format in the near future, while in a meantime we’ll experiment with various materials to get the tweaks needed for an error-free, high quality encoding result.

We also provide a ‘surprise bonus material’ in this torrent, we guarantee that this material is really worth downloading, since chances are you  could never get it from anywhere else, not even from Limited Edition Blu-Ray (if ever released).

Here’s the meal 🙂

[HT-Subs]_Fairy_Tail_-_02_(h264-Hi10p_Vorbis)_[15757109].mkv | (torrent-only)

We’re expecting feedback for this release and the future releases ^^